This award is to honor the Foundation President of the Society, Dr. Toshiro Matsuda, and to be granted to outstanding individuals or groups whose distinguished contribution over a period of time to the advancement of agricultural sciences and agricultural development in Southeast Asia is clearly recognized.

2013 Awardee

Dato' Sri Dr. Zakri Abdul Hamid


This award is to be granted to the Society's members who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of Southeast Asian agricultural sciences.

2013 Awardees

Prof. Dr. Akimi Fujimoto
Prof. Dr. Dewa Ngurah Suprapta


This award is a prestigious recognition and honor bestowed for excellence in Research and Leadership in the International Society of Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) Philippines.

The awards mark the distinction of "excellence in leadership and research in agriculture and scientific communities" among members and affiliates of ISSAAS.

The Dr. Priscilla C. Sanchez awards - Leadership Excellence, Excellence in Research, Recognition of Scientific Cooperation, are given every two years.This was launched during the 2005 ISSAAS Convention in Tagaytay City. The First awarding was done in 2007.


Leadership Excellence

This Award is given to members and officers of ISSAAS who have outstanding contributions to the advancement and direct6ions of the society. The criteria for the awards.

  1. Leadership in the Academic or Scientific Community
  2. Outstanding Contribution and Accomplishments for ISSAAS.

Excellence in Research

This award is given to significant contributions of members in Scientific Research for the change and development of Agricultural Sciences in the region.

  1. Outstanding Accomplishment in Research
  2. Influence in the Promotion of Scientific Research in Agricultural Sciences.

Recognition of Scientific Cooperation

This award is given in recognition to organizations and agencies that have collaborative partnership and vision with ISSAAS. This collaborative partnership has change the direction of agricultural sciences in the community and region.

  1. Outstanding partnership with ISSAAS.
  2. Influence Development of Agricultural Sciences in the region.


  1. The Dr. Priscilla C. Sanchez screening committee is composed of 5 members: Overall committee chair will be chosen from the 4 committee members, excluding the board member. There will be a board member representative in the committee. Other 4 members are from different disciplines in agricultural sciences. For the Excellence in Research award, there will be 2 additional members from the academic and research community.
  2. Nomination Requirements.
    1. Nomination forms for the awards will be forwarded to the committee.
    2. Submission of comprehensive portfolio of the nominee.
    3. Nomination is submitted at the end of September during the awarding year.
  3. Awarding will be during the National ISSAAS Convention.